There are many ways to visit Cuba, and different people with different needs too. There are those who travel for only one day, a week. There are who need more time and take a room on a hotel or rental houses. At the end, they all look for diving into the Cuban reality in its most common spheres: human, cultural, political and natural contact. Nothing less than that! Cuba is a country with very different conditions. However, not everyone who comes with that objective in mind can actually achieve it. Many just lie on a first layer of women, cigars and rum. Cuba is a lot more than that! Looking for the best way to discover Cuba is not easy: there are who like extreme experiences and would like to travel on a bike, with the hot sun pounding on its back and the sweat on its eyes. Remember: Cuba is a non-stop summer. There are who prefer a 5 stars hotel in the capital or some beach and enjoy the sea, or take the tours on a bus with curtains covering the windows and 30 other people who they’re not going to talk to anyway. There are also who settles down with watching pictures or videos about Cuba and believes everything people say.

"What we offer is a fusion, is a merge, is being able to behold the Havana of the Malecón, the historical Havana of the Plaza de la Revolución..."

However, if none of these ways are acceptable to you we are the solution. We meet in the middle: we are a customized and fit to your needs tour, through all interesting places, or hidden places, with human contact, in touch with nature, and with necessary time and comfor. What we offer is a fusion, is a merge, is being able to behold the Havana of the Malecón, the historical Havana of the Plaza de la Revolución, or the deep Havana of Cayo Hueso, and to enjoy a mojito walking around the unseen Havana, that will allow you take refuge from the sun when you wish for it. It’s being able to enjoy every wonder on a ride to Trinidad, a city trapped at the Colony times, or where the nature stays untouched in Levisa Key. It’s being able to bathe in the refreshing waterfalls of Soroa, is to visit Pigs Bay and Playa Girón, is listening and feeling like your own the stories attacks and heroes in Matanzas. It’s being able to see the Viñales mogotes in front of you and to feel the passion of climbing them, take photographs, touch them; it’s being at the Prehistory. It isn’t buying a Cuban cigar; it’s seeing how it is made. It’s talking to the farmer who makes them; it’s smoking it with him. It’s being able to touch Cuba with your bear hands. It’s understanding why our culture is filled with dancing. It’s talking to the real Cuban people. It’s experimenting beyond the draught line.