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Trinidad is a municipality located in the south coast of Sancti Spiritus province, it was the third village founded by the Spanish people.


Traveling from Havana to Trinidad we´ll pass by Cienfuegos, a beautiful city located in the south- center of Cuba.


Cienfuegos province is the land of proud and carismatic Cubans, its historical center is recognized as UNESCO´s Cultural Patrimony since 2005. It´s the only city  born from foreingner parents, mostly French, so its enviroment is distinguished by a French air which nowadays is kept perfectly. There you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and sea life that surrounds a young small city, with a very French air, filled with palaces, domes, big alleys and a simetric distribution, perfect to roam and fall in love.


From Cienfuegos we continue to Tinidad, city that preserves carefully its colonial architecture as if it would have stopped in time. Its historial body is a perfect reminder of the Spanish colonial time with paving-stone streets and red roofs with clay  tiles. The Santísima Trinidad (Holy Trinity) was the third village founded by the Spanish Crown in Cuba in the beginings of 1514. It  is one of the best kept colonial cities, not only in Cuba but also in América. It is an area where the sugar industry succeeded, and the sugar production made rich the owners of the sugarmills. This situation contributed to the creation of big houses and small palaces both in Trinidad and in the Valley, that are today a pride for Cuban culture. The fundation is celebrated every year with the Week of the Trinitarian Culture. The Big Square, in a neobaroque style is surrounded by big colonial buildings. The Romantic Museum is placed in the Brunet Palace, in the Architecture Museum you can see antiques of the time where sugar was produced in the city. The church of the Holy Trinity is a XIX century cathedral with a domed celling and a carved altar. After we ended the visit to this colonial city, we would return to Havana.


• We recommend carrying, light clothing, sunglasses, hat or cap and a bottle of water.

• We recommend doing this tour starting at 6:00 am for the distance needed to travel. The return to Havana will take place in the afternoon, at the end of the tour.

• You must make the payment in cash  directly with the driver at the end of the tour.

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