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Fascinating excursion in classic cars in Havana

Havana is the capital of the Cuban Republic, it was founded by the Spanish kingdom in 1514, located in the north coast of the island. Always in need of protection from the power of the sea it has a 10km wall against the waves and during a long time it was besieged by pirates and corsairs and for this reason there are many buildings that remind the need for protection, specially in the bay area. A city of rich history, great joy, strong traditions, great historical and architectonic patrimony, which makes of Havana, along a great hospitality, a very wanted turistic destination. The tour through the wonderful city of Havana starts by visiting: 1- The Revolution Square which is one of the biggest in the world with 72 000m2, there we can find a monument and memorial to José Martí and in its front, there is a well known image of Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, two heroes of the Cuban Revolution. 2- The Almendares river travels through 45km from the west of the island and a part of the rivers´s valley creates the Almendares Park. 3- The Fuster house has turned its neighborhood into a master piece of inlaid tiling, tiles, kaleidoscope colors and stravagant street art, in a completly fascinating Cuban version of Park Güell. 4- Tour down 5th Avenue that leads to Miramar, a beautiful municipality of the capital where we can see almost all the embassies that there are in our country. 5- The National Hotel, opened in December 30, 1930, is one of the most classic and famous hotels in Havana, its luxury, elegance, distinction and first class services are kept intact after six decades of respected lidership in the Cuban hotel industry. 6- The Christ of Havana is a colosal sculpture that represents the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The image is 20 feet tall and rests on a 3 feet base in which the sculptress buried several items of the time where it was build. Its approximate weight is of 320 tonnes. The statue is integrated by 67 pieces that were brought from Italy, because it was sculpted in Rome and blessed by Pope Pío XII. The sculpture is found 51 meters above sea level wich makes it visible from many places in the city. 7- San Carlos de la Cabaña fortress is a military complex of the colonial time, placed at the entrance of Havana´s Bay, and along the fortress of San Salvador de la Punta and Castillo de la Real Fuerza, they defended the city from any enemy, nowadays at the fortress you can find many museums including one dedicated to Che Guevara with documents and testimonies. Note: We recommend you bring: • Light clothing, tennis, sandals or comfortable shoes, camera or video, plus a bottle of water. A cordial greeting from Taxi Drivers Cuba and thank you very much for choosing us to discover Cuba.

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